Laurel Airport - 6S8

Welcome to the Laurel Airport!

The Laurel Airport is a friendly General Aviation airport located near Billings in Eastern Montana.

A Cessna 340 taxiing at the Laurel Airport

About the Airport

The Laurel Airport features 2 paved runways in excellent condition. Our primary runway is 04/22, and is 5200 feet by 75 feet. Our newly completed crosswind runway is 14/32, and is 3000 feet by 60 feet. Both runways are lighted. Additionally, we have a turf runway, 09/27 which is approximately 1100 by 60.

The airport features a full service FBO, Laurel 406 Aero. They can be reached at (406) 696-8118.

There is self-service 100LL and Jet-A available 24 hours.

The airport features 1 VOR and 2 RNAV approaches, with RNAV approaches providing 300-1 minimums.